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The procedure of ordering the service is as follows:

In our partner offices.
In person at our customer service (Nyíregyháza, Szegfű u. 48.)
On-line on our website.
Sending order via e-mail to
Sending order via fax 0036-42-596-781
By telephone 0036-20-776-2159 or 0036-42-492-992
On the day before your trip the supplier will contact you by phone or by sms to notify you about the pick up time. In case you don’t receive any notification in sms between 4 and 7 p.m. on the day before your travel, definitely call the following number for information: 0036-20-776-2159


The order can be modified 72 hours before the start of the journey, also it can be canceled 48 hours from start, both free of charge. If the cancellation takes place after this time limit, than you have to pay the full price.

If the time of returning differs from the one mentioned on the original order, than it is the passenger’s duty to inform the supplier of the new arrival time. If it’s made within 72 hours of the travel we might can offer you only the vacant places in one of our vehicles. In this case you have to contact our customer service to arrange availability.

In the case of excess luggage (more than 1 suitcase + 1 hand baggage/person), or other equipment (snowboard, bicycle, wheelchair) we need to be informed upon booking, or until the day before the trip. The fee for the excess luggage is 2.500 HUF. Traveling with a dog is only possible, if it is below 10 Kgs in weight, and has to be placed in a kennel with a muzzle on.

The prices indicated in the price-list are the costs of the transfer from the following cities: Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, Miskolc. The cost when traveling from a different city, will be arranged in advance with the passenger.
Upon return, for those arriving with separate flights, but with landing time differences not more than 90 minutes will have to wait for each other.

If the plane is arriving with a more than 60 minutes delay, than the passenger will be picked up by our next available car at the airport. The passenger will be notified by sms or by phone about the arrival time of our next vehicle. The waiting time in this case can be several hours even!

The passenger has to wait for the car at the time sent by us in a ready to go state. The driver will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes, failing to contact the passenger during this time will result that the driver has to leave without him/her. This way the responsibility for the disadvantages caused by this latency is on the passenger.

For safety reasons the driver cannot leave the vehicle, therefore waiting for a passenger inside the Terminal is only possible with a written request. We will wait for everyone on the arrival side of the airport, on the place designated for this purpose.

Our company is not responsible for any lateness caused by events that are not controlable by any party (e.g.: accidents, road blockades, heavy snowing, events, delegations), but to decrease this risk we have several alternate routes. To avoid any inconvinience caused by technical disfunctions we have replacement vehicles available to our passengers.

The supplier takes the responsibility of recompensation for any damages that is caused by the provable mistake of the company that is carrying out the transport.

The passenger takes all the responsibility for the damages caused by him/her in the vehicle or any other passenger.

The average time of the journey from Debrecen, Miskolc and Nyíregyháza is 3 hours in the period starting from 1st of March to the 1st of November and it is 3,5-4 hours in the rest of the year. We arrange the pick up times in order with this. If there are more than one address when traveling to the airport there can be a 5-10 minutes delays in the pick up times.

The passenger has to accept the conditions mentioned above to participate in our service. After ordering, the passenger accepts these conditions with the receiving and signing of the confirmation documents. Handing over the confirmation is the duty and liability of the person who is taking the order.
Please keep in mind when paying that if the amount is not received till the day before the trip than our firm can cancel your order.

In the case when a transfer is ordered for several persons, the one who is ordering declares when signing that he/she has been authorised to make this order in their names. The orderer is also liable to inform them about the conditions of service, and is responsible for paying all the costs (including any unexpedted ones) of this transfer instead of any other member.